Suggestion: mono/phase button in master/tracks

I’ve searched the forums but i have not found something related to this.

when recording it is very useful to change the phase of the track, to see if we have misplacen the mic, because it is cancelling signals.
and when mixing, you can hear if you have messed the stereo image when your mono is messed too.

we can always make a mono bus, and send it to the master (and make a template with it), but hey, it would be awesome to have a button to hear master in mono, or to change the phase (in a track) from the mixer.
The mono button can be very easy to implement, just move the panning of the master to center… while the phase button may be a little more tricky (add to automation? in stereo tracks, 1 button per channel? ).

what do you think?

I was going to say this would make more sense on the monitor path than directly on the bus. Nice work!

Yes, this would be very helpful!

Ardour 3 (not released yet) now features a dedicated monitor section like you would find on large format mixing consoles. This includes all the things you are asking for. You can listen in mono, change the phase of any of the paths of the bus (L, R etc) plus solo or mute any of those paths as well. There is also a monitor level control, mute and dim (with a level control), AFL, PFL, solo in front (with level control) etc as well.


Regarding your first question about track polarity, you can click on the track’s “name” button on the mixer strip, and choose “invert polarity” from the menu.