Suggestion: mixer fader height adjustable

I am trying to setup my 13" macbookpro81 for it’s second life as a Linux laptop (Manjaro) and it scrolls the mixer by just a hair (comments and master buttons are hidden)
I don’t see the reason to force a specific fixed-pixel fader height. I would prefer to see my entire channel strip and not scroll.
It’s not a netbook, and it’s screen size is adequate for everything else I wish to do, and the only thing preventing such is a rigid layout that doesn’t allow for draggable sizing of the mixer fader container.
From my point of view, turning off/on sections of functionality is orthogonal to making the mixer window fit onto a given screen.
The single largest occupier of real-estate being the fader, and the height of this varying across DAW applications, and not generally associated with pixel-per-db or any actual real-world need to be so tall.

If this is a toolkit limitation or simply an oversight or a point of deliberate design, I confess to ignorance.
It simply seems to me that various issues people had over the years related to mixer sizing and screen sizing could be resolved by draggable container boundaries “drags divider down, faders all get slightly shorter, everything fits OK, no need to hide buttons”

It is worth mentioning that you both have a basic ui scaling option in the preferences as well as that on screens with higher pixel counts the mixer strip does expand although not necessarily by adjusting fader height but by adjusting the plug-in area height. It sounds like your screen is right at the minimum size in pixels and Manjaro is adding ui elements that are taking up enough space to force scrolling.

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HIde title bar, select View->Mixer/Editor Full Screen
(For me both Mixer and Editor Full screen need to be selected for some reason)
Full-screen the app (no title bar/system menu)
I also hide some of the mixer buttons (such as phase flip) for even more room
Does the trick on my 1366x768 laptop on both OSX and Linux

There’s a feature request for this in the big tracker: 0008744: Flexible fader size - MantisBT
Hasn’t attracted any coder juice yet, though.

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