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I’ve been using Ardour for several years now. I would like to purchase a fader controller, to make automation easier. I’m running Ardour 6.9 on Ubuntu 22.04. Any suggestions?

I’m very happy with my Presonus FaderPort 2. It’s a single channel controller - one fader - I assume that’s what you’re after.


Thanks @johndev. I was looking at that one, among others. It looked pretty good to me.

I own the Behringer X-Touch One and I cannot recommend you that one.
While all the transport control buttons etc work perfectly, the channel/bank selection doesn’t work properly with Ardour :frowning: Can’t use it on all the tracks in the session …
I haven’t found a way to get it to work properly yet … Works fine on Reapper :-/

The X Touch should work 100%. What mode do you have the X Touch set to use?

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I was looking into the Behringer mini. I an interested in your conversation with Paul, to understand what is going on.

I used to have a X-Touch Compact (8 + 1 faders), that worked great.

I now have the X-Touch One set in Mackie Standard Mode. (The device has 8 different Mackie Modes … I did try the Mackie mode for Reaper (since it was working fine in Reaper).

Note that everything besides the fader selection works great :slight_smile: Which is why I’m keeping it.

I had started a thread looking for help on how to get it to work properly: Behringer X-Touch One channel/banking issue

For info: the supported modes from the device.

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Hello, I use these two devices, the novation zero sl mkII as a mixer and the presonus ATOM to control various ardour functions, it is not perfect and also there is no predefined midi map file so I am adapting an existing one based on the one created by Fermin Legarrea , but with my modifications.

I have had the novation for a long time and the ATOM is more recent and since my economic possibilities are bad I cannot think of acquiring something better, at least for now, in any case the combination that I use is sufficient and works well and I use it Also on Mixbus.

atom novation3

Presonus FaderPort 2 and the Behringer X-Touch One (the jog dial on this one looks good), are good decent devices, from what those who use it say, if you have the chance to try them in a store, even with another DAW, I usually consult articles or demo videos and compare, when I am interested in some device even if I cannot or will not buy it.

If you can afford it, the Behringer X-Touch with 9 faders can be interesting, but we are talking about €500

As always, buy the best that your budget allows and that best suits the use that you plan to give it.

As my grandfather used to say, it is useless to have a Ferrari if you are only going to do the shopping on the next street, it is not worth it.

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Thanks. I’ll look into those.

very happy with the Faderport 8 in Ardour and Mixbus


I can second that! I use the Faderport 8 with Ardour (both under Linux and Windows) and it feels like it was built for it!


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