Suggestion: Clarify emails when subscription expires

Hi. I got a paypal email today with the subject “Your subscription to Ardour Financial Support has been cancelled” as well as the “Goodbye from the Ardour Project…” email from Ardour’s email robot.

It took me a few minutes to realize that my subscription had simply expired. (At first I thought my account had somehow been hacked and somebody had unsubscribed me.) If paypal can’t differentiate between a user-canceled subscription and an expired subscription, then perhaps the “Goodbye from the Ardour Project…” email could be amended to include a sentence like: “If you didn’t manually cancel your subscription, then it probably expired. Go here _____ if you would like to renew it.”

Just a thought. Thanks for an ever-more-wonderful DAW. I’m happy to support it.

@zip: t the lm_paypal module which is used for subscriptions doesn’t appear to be responsible for this. The PayPal email you received appears to have contents generated by PayPal rather than my configuration. I’ll keep looking into this because I agree with what you’ve written above.

I realize this is a four year old thread, bit I just had the exact same thing happen, including the sane thought that my PayPal account had been hacked. Instead, my subscription simply expired (didn’t even realize it was set to expire - is that the default behavior of PayPal?). Anyway, I second the suggestion that the message be amended, including instructions on how to renew.