Suddenly, problems with recording

Hello, after two years wihtout any proble with a Beheringer UMC404HD (class compliant, working out of the box), I have started to have this kind of noisy recordings ( It is a pure guitar without any kind of effect.

I have reinstalled several linux distributions and I hav allways same problem or even worst (the input is detected and I cannot record anything but noise).

I have tried it in a windows computer and it works fine, and in a different computer with linux and the result is the same. Are you conscious if something has changed in linux, or alsa (that noise occurs with alsa or with jack)? Perhaps the easiest solution is waiting if there are more people with same problem.

the problem is different of this one:
as for me it does not work neither in alsa neither in jack.

Any xrun indications while recording?
What buffer and period size are you using? For USB devices traditionally 3 periods were recommended. For 44.1k and 48k sample rates I have always had good results with -p1024 -n3

thankyou ccaudle. It is allwas same problem, with 44100, 48000 and 192, different periods…
When I recordon ardour, I do not have xruns (becouse of that, I started think the problme is ont in ardour or even in jack, but at lower level).

Indeed, I have recordad that using alsa direclty by audacity.

Most amaizing thing is that I have installed an old ubunutu 14.04 and if I start the computer before conncetig the sound interface, the input is detected (not proprelly recording), but not the output. If I start the sound interface before the computer, the outputs are rdetected (working fine) but not the inputs.

As soon as I can, I will perform more tries in a windows computer (I did it only once), but I think the sound intrerface is slightly misfunctional, and the windows drivers, somehow are enough, but not the standard drivers in linux.

Finally, it seems this lot of problems were due to a faulty usb-cable. Sorry and thank you for your help.