Subscriptions Updated

I have manually synced the subscriptions records with a downloaded report from PayPal. All subscriptions known to PayPal to be active should be marked as active, and all subscriptions not known to PayPal to be active should be dead. The active subscription count dropped by nearly 300.

If you disagree with the state of your own subscription, please let me know. I did not send email to each subscriber because I think this information is mostly redundant.

This afternoon, I thought that I had found a PayPal API that would allow us to query the status of a subscription. I implemented a quick test, and as I was almost ready to try it, noticed that I had discovered this same API over a year ago. It does not work. A quick google revealed that PayPal has still not implemented this basic API feature for subscriptions.

re subscribed! :slight_smile: I would still opt for a subscription not limited to 12 months…

That’s sad news Paul… I do know that a couple of times my subscription has lapsed and I didn’t know until I checked it, it would be nice if it could be set as permanent or some kind of reminder system be setup.

I am updating the subscription database once a week. It is semi-automated - I download a CSV file, run a script. Done.

There is also a “reminder” email sent out before a subscription ends and when it does end.

hmm … I’ve never noticed the emails… not saying I never got one, but it’s gmail, may have been deleted as spam or picked up in the promotional folder, which is mostly spam so I don’t look often

Just a quick note on this: PayPal just sent me a note that my subscription has run out.