I’m a regular subscriber, current subscription ends 2016.
Just received 2 emails saying subscription is ending in 10 days.
Emails appear genuine.
Has something changed?

Just to let you know, I also got that email myself (only one in my case) and my subscription still has (had) some months to go, until 21/11/2015. Probably with the release of Ardour 4 Paul had to reset something.

Ardour 4 looks really nice!

Working on whatever caused those emails to go out …

Thanks Paul! So we just discard those messages? My Paypal says that the subscription will end on 21/11/2015, so I guess all is good?

I hope next subscription I can subscribe for a little more $ or I’ll try to make a few small donations, you guys have done amazing work!

Cheers and hope all is well…

Thanks Paul.

joegiampoli: yes, ignore them now. I made a real mess of the switch over to unlimited subscriptions … now I have to clean it up.

The email I got said that I had just 5 days left. I was planning to go to a higher level now that I’m using Ardour-4 so I re-subscribed. Hope that doesn’t cause any problems.

@paul (FYI if you’re still working on the previous problem.) I got an e-mail yesterday saying my subscription ends in 5 days. Just checked PayPal, and 5 days from yesterday happens to coincide with the next scheduled payment date. The last payment is “Indefinite - continue until canceled”.


You would have to resubscribe since the change was introduced a few months back IIRC. If you hadn’t you subscription would still run out at the end of the year, but if you resubscribe shouldn’t after that.


@seablade Hm, this subscription started just about a month ago (Apr 19) - about the same time as the initial posts, and maybe Paul’s fixes also… Paypal thinks my subscription is still active with no fixed end date, so I had assumed it was okay until I got the e-mail. If needed I can cancel this one and start a new one, but didn’t want to cause extra confusion by doing that unnecessarily.

@don3 Hmm can’t help you myself at this point then, gotta let paul tackle that one:)


@seablade/@paul Got an e-mail from PayPal confirming a payment this morning. So AFAICT everything’s fine from that side.