Subscription without credit card


when’s it gonna happen that one can subscribe without credit card by the way?

Not everyone gets one from his bank… like me…

But I want to subscribe now. And I think I should use this month of wealth and debauchery for this subscription because next month maybe I wouldn’t do it anymore… you know?!

Any other possibility than to donate every month?

I have discussed this several times with Paypal. The answer from them is incoherent. We have many subscribers who do not use their credit card. We have some who do. Paypal seem unable to identify what distinguishes the situations where you appear to need one from those where you don’t. So the basic answer is: no idea, and there’s nothing I can do about it, which I admit is not very satisfactory.

Monthly payments are the only option, sorry.

The distinction is simply whether or not the subscriber’s account has ‘Verified’ status. Part of the verification process requires that you add your bank account details to your Paypal account. Once this is done you can send money to your Paypal account directly from your bank account (without needing a credit or debit card). The subscriber’s Paypal account can than make payments to any other Paypal account without any credit cards needing to be involved. That’s the situation in the UK anyway. I guess there might be different rules in different countries though.

Unfortunately it seems like the situation in Germany is different… My PayPal account is verified…
I try to write an e-mail tonite.

Same situation here, I was not told otherwise by paypal anyway.

So what about this:

Offer the user to buy a subscription for one year by simply donating the 12 monthly shares in advance.

Since one can cancel a subscription anyway this would represent an even more secure way to get the money for at least one year.
Remember that many users and supporters of Ardour are freelancers and/or do not have a regulary income for other reasons. Most people I know that are into free software and music do not have the economic background, that would make any bank in Germany hand out a credit-card to them.

Hello all,

I have to push this topic again.

After quite some struggling with myself I got my PayPal account. Just to find out, that now I am asked for a credit card. I do not have one (and I do not intend to get one).

(Yes, if I had searched, I could have find out, that this is needed, but the PayPal barrier blocked my view.)

When I was asked for a credit, PayPal told me:

Sie müssen eine Kreditkarte hinzufügen, um den Einkauf abzuschließen. Der Verkäufer akzeptiert ausschließlich Sofortzahlungen.

In english:

You have to add a credit card to complete your buying. The seller accepts immediate payments exclusively.

So what is the problem here? I’m not very familiar with PayPal yet - I don’t believe, that a delay of payment is the problem. I supposably can pay people on eBay without a credit card, so why not the Ardour team?

Kind regards,

… i m donating via paypal and credit card, but i m also looking for an alternative, basically because i dont like paypal and their politics (wikileaks…) and i think they charge quite a lot of money for the service… but there s no alternative easy payment method in the net i could find…

same problem here, I saw € symbol and thought something solved…

as a poor suggestion, here in Italy some banks (for sure Banca Sella) lets you use a kinda web service in order to allow internet payments to end users.

some other data, I use my pre-payed card (postepay) which is not a credit card but uses a similar system named Visa-Electron, to buy tickets from ryanair and other airlines. does paypal admit this circuit?

I hope this was clear. i will have to check the settings for subscriptions. I know that for paid downloads, the “immediate payments” only is important, and I know that it is definitely turned on. But there’s no logical reason to require it for subscriptions, and I’ll have to find out if I can find a way to turn it off there. Thanks for providing a little bit more clarity over what may be going on.

Hello Paul,

no problem. please let us know, if you can find out more about this issue.

All the best,

Hi all,

just a little push on this topic - are there any news, yet?


Kinda sad and also strange, this behaviour of paypal.
I can’t subscribe to ardour (“You must add a credit card to complete this purchase. Some payments, like instant and immediate payments, require a credit card”).

Strange enough, I also have a subscription with the GNOME-Foundation, which works perfectly without credit card. I just have to make sure my paypal account has enough money. If it doesen’t, paypal will even send a message “your monthly pament could not be sent”, and give me a few days to balance my paypal account, before they automatically try to pay the subscription a second time.

btw I’m in germany, location might make a difference after all.