subscription failed?

Hi, I see Ardour didn’t make the goal in Feb. I’ve quickly checked my e-banking and found last transfer in January. Is it possible, that my subscription failed somehow? (or ended? I still see “thanks for your financial support”) Couldn’t this happen to more ppl? I cannot login to PayPal to verify it right now, I’ll check again tonight.

I was actually wondering how Paypal handled subscriptions that were on the 29th-31st day of the month, in February. I saw the goal wasn’t made either and it made me wonder.


OK, I see it now. My subscription is “completed”, but I don’t know how to renew it.

If it has already expired, I don’t believe it can be renewed, only re-created via (for example).

But I see “already subscribed” there.

@vtech: click on your user name in any of your posts in this thread. What happens if you click on the “Unsubscribe” button shown below the subscription display?

@paul: It sends me to PayPal which says: “No active subscriptions to were found.”