Subscription disappeared?

I bought the $1 ardour sub 3 days ago and today it has disappeared from my account?(i cannot download ardour except free version)
Help please? !

If i enter invoice id it just says invalid?

It is asking me to subscribe again?


Were you logged in when you did the purchase? It is possible to do the purchase without being logged in, and as a result it will not get tied to your account.

So in the meantime you will need to contact paul directly (Who will likely be along shortly) in order to clarify the billing side of things with your invoice info.

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I’m actually not sure about that.
Thanks ill contact him.

I have my billing id and transaction id but no invoice id…

Strange. I just checked the right of this page and the subscribe button was back. Logging out then in again then removed the “subscribe” button which I assume is the correct situation if you are already supporting the project on a monthly basis. Hopefully that makes sense :wink:

Please forward a copy of the email you received from PayPal regarding the subscription to and I will take a look.

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