Subscription and Sound

As a Newbie, I have a couple of questions.
I have subscribed to Adour. Do I now need to re-download the software or is there some other way that I can stop the ‘no sound’ messages?
I am connecting a Behringer XR18 via USB to my PC. All is good and Adour recognizes the inputs and out puts. The problem is I cannot hear the playback on my headphones. I have tried re-routing the Master out but only the XR18 channels are shown and not the sound card.
Would appreciate any suggestions.

Yes the full build and demo build are actually two different builds.

This sounds like you are trying to use the headphones on the built in sound card on your computer, can you connect them to the XR18 instead? Ardour will only use a single sound card in most cases to prevent issues from clock sync.


Thanks very much for your quick response. Will try to set that up. Its a pity though - not least because my headphone jack is not the same size as the one on the berringer :frowning:

In Ardour 6 you can choose different input and output devices in the audio setup dialog. Not sure how the latency and the sync is in those cases.