Subscribed but still using free version

I bought a paid $1 to download ardour and am still using the free version. It turns to silent mode every time I use it. When i press subscribe on the prompt, it says I already subcribed. I press the pay option and it just brings me to the download screen with no way to pay. Im assuming because I already paid? I also tried looking for the invoice in my email but I only received three messages from an admin and two from paypal, none of which had an invoice number. Please help, ill pay another dollar I just really want to use this software.

I have got the same Problem on win 10, paid 40$ PayPal then open the downloadlink and download stopped 2 times. Only the Demo installer is completly i removed the Version before i download the paid version.

Ardour is capable of installing several versions of itself side by side (typically so you can run newer and older versions on the same computer). It’s possible you have the demo and paid versions both installed, and you’re running the wrong one.

Also note that the full-version is a separate installer.

Check your Download folder. if you happened to download the same version and variant of the demo and full-version (same filename) maybe the later file will have a suffix.