subscribe to Ardour without creditcard


sorry for not fitting in the Forum topic, but I know no other place to post this.

I’d like to subscribe to Ardour. It’s great software! Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card, but my PayPal Accounts tells me that I’ need one. Normally I can pay with my bank account to paypal, but this time it seems not to work.

Any solution to this? Any alternatives?


I don’t have a credit card either, but I was able to subscribe via paypal. This might be because I usually keep a small cash balance in paypal itself via periodic bank transfers, rather than having paypal draw from my bank on a per-payment basis (“e-check”) which makes for much faster payments. It could also possibly be because of regional differences, though, I supppose?

Anyway, I think the question fits the “How do I…” topic just fine, and hopefully will result in a sudden rash of subscriptions if there’s a solution… :wink:

to be honest, I even would hate to sign up to paypal - call me paraniod :wink:
Still I also would like to sign up so I posted several proposals on german websites and mailinglists asking others, if they have the same problem (not being able/willing to get a credit card/paypal-account). If about 6 or 7 people from germ would be willing to pay via their bank accounts one person from the would be willing to recieve thier money and send the whole (to save transfer-fees) with his credit-card. I used this way to make a humble donation for ardour before and with a little trust and tracking :wink: we could have a way to donate for ardour without the need to have fancy stuff like credit-cards or paypal-accounts…

Feel free to contact me in this matter :slight_smile:

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