Sub group inserts

Is it possible to run a stereo bus, and have a number of tracks routed to that bus for say stereo compression?? like yoiu would commenly do in live situations.

For example, id like to have a stereo bus with a stereo com[ inserted, and have all my drum channels routed to that 1 stereo bus.

I tried doing this by setting up sends to a new stereo bus, but it wouldnt let me send more than 7 channels. On the 8th channel, selected the bus i wanted to send to did nothing, as if it couldnt do it.

i couldnt seem to find any feature that resembled sub groups in ardour.

Instead of using sends/inserts why not just route the output of each track to the BUS Input that has the Compressor and then just send the Compressor to the Master? Just make sure to disconnect those tracks from the Master if you don’t want them to “blend-mix” with the Master channel…

ah yes, thats exactly how to do it. it just wasnt so obvious in the mixewr window. if i clicked the output where the channel said master, it would give me output options which didnt include the newly created bus, just master and the 8 outputs of my soundcard, had to click edit, and that brough up more routing options.


Hmmmm, maybe I didn’t explain in a deeper manner how to do, here’s a nice guide for Ardour in case you haven’t seen…