Stuff I made with Ardour

Hi folks. I made these demos with Ardour. Keep in mind I had to use the onboard sound chip and a computer microphone. These are my first recording experiments (since some 4 track tapes a while back). I have a Maudio MobilePre USB someone lent me and some sweet mics now, but the darned thing doesn’t have working ALSA drivers (yet) :frowning:
So I am using a SoundMax chip and a Dell Mic for these.

is where I posted the mp3’s.

Funny, I can reboot into Windows, use the Maudio Pre-Amp and Audacity, but I cannot get the timing to sync up right. After a few tracks it sounds like the timing is off. I cannot afford ProTools, so that is out of the question.
Ardour has the BEST latency for over-tracking, its unbelievable!!
As soon as I have some extra bread Ardour is getting a donation.

The MobilePre does work. You need the snd-usb-audio module or compile it into your kernel.

Speaking of mics, I’ve got a really sweet mic. It’s a Russian-made condenser mic called Oktava, supposedly hand-crafted and the sound is unbelievable. Guess all those KGB experiments with microphones did have an upside. Had never heard of Oktava but a friend sold it to me – wow.

You can hear me rap into this mic here (NOTE: Site will be gone on March 5, 2007).