Studio Magnetophon

These songs where all recorded and mixed with Ardour.

There is quite a variety in styles:

Zoumana Diarra - Sunguruba
Malinese traditional/jazz crossover

Keko Yoma - Manager
pop with a twist

Les Chaupiques - No Pasharan
12 horns and a drummer

PEC - Persé
math rock

Upsilon Acrux - No title
esoteric, brutal and progressive

Zoumana Diarra - Newayo
Malinese traditional music

Keko Yoma - Michu Michu
funk rock

@magnetophon: that first zoumana diarra track is just wonderful! thanks!

Thank YOU!
I’ll send you the full CD when it is finished.

yoehoe, first song which is made with Ardour and which is liked by Paul :slight_smile: :wink:

Wow, very impressive songs and mixes!!!.. So alive, crisp and punchy!!!

Awesome work, congratulations!!!

good work, thx for posting!

would you share share with us something from your workflow pls? i’m particularly interested what reverbs have you used. plugins (which?), hw gear, or have you eventually taken advantage of good natural acoustics of the room?


@tomas vtipil:
All tracks use only FLOSS sound processing, no HW or proprietary plugins.
The reverbs are a combination of my dry but not dead room sound and jconv with free IR’s from the net.
All mixes have an ambiance and a reverb IR, some have more.
Other favourites are nova-filters for EQ, SC4,TubeWarmth, TransientMangler and the HRTF plug.
Mastering consisted of running it trough Fast Lookahead Limiter.

Zoumana Diarra is a solo artist recorded in multiple passes. All instruments with stereo mics, and where possible a DI as well. There is some verb and ambiance on all tracks except the bass, and some delay on the e-guitar.

Keko Yoma was recorded with bass, drum and guitar playing together, the rest overdubs.
-The drums had a ‘run of the mill’ RE20 57 3*421 combination with fig8 LD condensers on OH.
-Bass was a DI
-Guitar: lavalier omni 0,5 cm from the speaker + ribbon on another. Hard panned.
Also a DI + Amp recording output was used for special FX here and there. The distorted part was recorded 4 times.
-2 SD pressure omnis as room mics.
-BG vocals also stereo SD omnis, and lead an LD condenser.
-There are three IR’s and a lot of different delays, some via HRTF. Most sends are automated wildly by routing them trough busses.

Chaupiques was recorded with 2 LD condensers in NOS setup and one LD omni in the back of the room as a reverb send. Also a fig8 LD on the sax as a reverb send.

PEC was all three guys at once.You hear 75% a ribbon in front of the drums, with the null pointing at the snare, and 20% two SD omni’s as room mics. Filled up with a tiny bit of close mics on everything. Some room-verb from the snare and tom mics, and sometimes some delay from the guitar close mic and DI. At some points there is a guitar DI compressed to death and sent to a plate IR.

Upsylon Acrux was done in layers. All instruments had the same ribbon/SD omni combo as PEC, though this time with more close mic used and some compression on the drum, and the amps had the same mics as Keko Yoma in addition. Also a pre and post FX DI was taken for the 2 guitars, bass and synth…
Again lots of automation with verbs and delay, and switching to different mic/DI combinations for different parts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Joining the praise chorus here. Lovely work, Bart, very impressive in every respect.

Music-making on Linux has certainly come a long way since 1995. :slight_smile:



@DavePhillips: You ain’t a kiddin’. Remember SLAB? Broadcast2000? I still have (and refer to, on occasion, not as much as at one time) the No Starch Press book on Linux Sound (you might be acquainted with its author…:slight_smile: )…

@magnetophon: while some of those tracks aren’t exactly my cup of tea musically speaking (I’m a bluegrass man myself), the technical and artistic quality is quite excellent; great work!

Thanks for the great feedback everybody.
Feel free to tell me if you think there is something about the sound that can be improved as well!