Strummed Guitar (NI Plugin for Kontakt) - alternative for Ardour searched

Hello, i use the strummed guitar plugin of Native Instruments.

Now i search an alternative for mixing and producing in Ardour. I know the Midi Strum x42 MIDI Filter Collection and the Libre Arp - but both are not able at the moment to realize it.

I think a midi pattern plugin which can makes pattern would be very nice. So every sound module would possible to use with.
As Input only a chord is usabel and according to the pattern the guitar is simulatet.

Is anyone know such a plugin for linux? Or maybe if not, someone likes in the universe to make such a pattern plugin?!

Greetings, Stefan

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As a guitar player (as well as a software developer) I’m kind of conflicted, but I can’t help but find the very existence of such a thing a little depressing :slight_smile:


A great guitar playing will never be replaced by a machine - but background accompaniment is quickly created with such a plugin/instrument.

BTW: I read that Ardour can work with loops. Theoretically i can sample all accords - and put that as wav in Ardour as a loop - or i play it with the Redux Sampler…is somewhere a tutorial how to work with sample loops. I may need a different sample (different keys) for each bar.

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