Struggling while trying to install my first plugin

Hey there,

I’m a newbie with Ardour. I just installed the software, and I’m trying to set up with my first plugin (Drumgizmo).

  • I downloaded the .dll file and put it in my VST repository.
  • I clicked on “Add a track”, selected MIDI tracks and change the instrument to “DrumGizmo”.
  • The track is correctly added to my tracks but that’s all!

I don’t know how I can open the DrumGizmo GUI and start writting my drums.

And I right click on the track, here is what is showing up:

Could you please help me out?

OS: Windows 10
Ardour 0.9.10

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Oh dear lord I truly hope not (And judging by your screenshot this is very wrong)

At any rate, go into the Mixer or open the editor mixer strip (SHIFT+E) and select that track. You should see DrumGizmo listed as a plugin on that track and you can double click on it t here to open it’s UI,


Plugins are part of the Mixer (not Editor).
Use the Mixer window (Menu > Window .> MIxer) or as @seablade suggested the Editor-mixer (Menu > View > Show Editor Mixer)

see also:

For Drumgizmo, you need to load a drumkit first.