Strip Silence

Ardour 3.0 contains an editing operation that will detect silence (based on a user-chosen threshold in dBFS), split a region based on the boundaries of the silent segments, and remove the silence. You can also specify a minimum length for silence, which can useful when editing very percussive material and just needing to automatically trim the ends of a region. The dialog looks like this:

strip silence dialog

The edit will be carried out on all selected regions, allowing batch processing. You can also see in the screenshot how the main editor window is used to show silent segments and report the number and durations of the shortest segments.

This looks great Paul.

Does your Strip Silence allow one to remove silent areas between the transients?

It might be a good idea to specify the units for the minimum length. I assume 1000 is not in seconds. Is it milliseconds? Samples?

@phillip8888: i am not sure i understand your question. Strip Silence doesn’t detect transients, it detects silence. Do you want to ask it again in a slightly different way?

Paul: I think he’s referring to your mention of “percussive material”.
I presume that if you set the minimum length short enough, you would get splits and gaps between drum beats, for example, but I think I’d use a gate plugin if I actually wanted that effect.