Strange MIDI behaviour

Ardour 7.2, Ubuntu 22.04, Lenovo W520, Tascam US-16x08 Interface, trying to record MIDI via ALSA (no Jack).
In order to record some MIDI onto a track, I have to do the following:
Create two tracks. One of them will tell me it’s connected to my Interface but won’t take any input from it. The second track tells me it’s connected to two inputs: midi_in<-system:midi_capture_f64e5090; and ardour:x-virtual-keyboard. This one takes input from my keyboard, connected via the Tascam. In order to create a second MIDI track that I can record onto, I have to create two more, one of which I can remove after I have recorded onto the other one because when I remove it, the input of the second track disappears. One of the tracks I created like this even had 3 inputs, another midi_in<-system:midi_capture but with a different number at the end.
arecordmidi lets me know that I have MIDI OUT at 24:0 and MIDI 2 at 24:1. Going through this tutorial
ensured me that the system should be working.
Am i wrong in expecting to be able to omit jack from my setup? I only heard that it’s not necessary anymore and remembering that I had some trouble understanding that piece of SW in the past convinced me to try with only ALSA.

There is a default setting which connects MIDI input to whichever track is selected. If you find that in preferences and de-select the option you can manually set which tracks are connected to which MIDI input in the MIDI setup window.

thank you chris, I can now record MIDI just like I used to! The MIDI input I have to connect to is called “US-16x08 MIDI OUT (In)” … not so funny one gets a little insecure now and then :wink:
But my setup seems to have become less stable, is it Ubuntu 22 (in stead of 20) does it? I get a “the audio/MIDI engine has stopped unexpectedly” quite often, today I had to shut down and start again three times.

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