Strange intermitent noise using ardour + jack

Hello, i’m from Brazil… Um starting use ardour but something strange is happen… Intermitent, a strange noise starts and during near 20 seconds and go away… This problem not occurs with Audacity + alsa… Only ardour + Jack… I have a CM109 audio card, Jack installed and configured sucessfully, RT enabled, 48000 / 128 / 3… I can Record the noise and post link here If necessary.
Thanks for helping.

Hi @marciocostapgua. I also get it sometimes. A very feeble crackling or DC noise. Since it does not slow down your system or produce xruns, use a good expander/gate(i’d recommend LSP plugin suites) to move the noise to inaudible levels by putting it on the master track and continue your work. Kindly let us know if it helps.
It could be because of a mic(external or laptop inbuilt) on an audio track input and you left it armed.
If you can explain it further like what you do that produces this noise.
It is indeed strange. : slight_smile:

Just to check, you are not using the demo version of Ardour are you?

If not then posting a sample may not be a bad idea.


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