Strange error

I have strange error with Ardour.

I write (in progress) multitrack session. Now is session have many tracks and many regions.

But today, I got a strange error. When i mute one (not any, one specific) channel in mixer I get a lot XRUNs and increase CPU load.

I found only one way for repair session: open project file (XML content) with text editor and disabling mute on this “bad” channel.

Info of my env:

Debian 8.

~$ ardour2 -v
Ardour 2.8.16
(built using 1:2.8.16+git20131003+dfsg1-1~deb8u1 and GCC version 4.9.2)

Ardour use jack. And jack say this repeatable messages for my error:

ERROR: JackEngine::XRun: Source was not finished, state = Triggered

And this is XML of my problem channel (second attribute of Route tag: muted=“no”):

Ardour 2.8.16 is many years old.

Please stop using it immediately. Ardour 5.0 was released a month ago.

paul, this Ardour version available in Debian 8 repositories.

Or… You sure about new Ardour version? There fixed this bug?
And how to migrate sessions data? This is compatible?


paul is the lead developer of Ardour, of anyone he would probably have a pretty good guess there is a new version…

Not to mention…


Yes Debian is VERY out of date.


Ok. I install ardour 5.3. It works. But… How to rename plugin? This item has disabled on context menu.

Debian and some other Linux distributions call their packages for newer versions of Ardour things like “ardour4”, so that “ardour” will always point to the ancient 2.8.16 version. We don’t like this (to be honest, I don’t really like Linux distributions packaging Ardour at all, but that’s another story), but it is wise to be aware of this.