Storage of MIDI data in Ardour!

Good day everybody,

which data can be saved in a MIDI file with Ardour 6.9? And how do I go about storing MIDI data in Ardour 6.9?

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Not sure what your question is really about. Ardour uses Standard MIDI File Format 1.0 for all of the MIDI files it creates. What is that you want to do?

Hello Paul,

I want to export all the settings I made for the MIDI file (tempo, instrument, and so on . . .) with the MIDI file, so that when I import them with Ardor, I can get the same settings (like tempo, instrument, etc continue…) back on the screen.

Ardour does not currently store that information in the MIDI files it creates. We should definitely store tempo information. Patch changes for the instrument are a bit less obvious, since if you create them explicitly, they will be stored. Without them, Ardour doesn’t know what patch you are using. There’s no way to store the identity of the actual instrument (plugin, or hardware) in SMF files.

Is this coming in Ardour version 7?

Not in 7.0 itself. Some 7.x verson.

So I tried it for free. Thanks for your answer Paul.

Paul . . I have another question! Can I export or save multiple MIDI tracks in one MIDI file with Ardor 6.9? If yes how?

You would have to record the output of the N different MIDI tracks into a new MIDI track, and export that.

Thank you Paul! I will experiment.

The same data that any other program would save when exporting MIDI. MIDI data.

Ardour 6.9 and earlier does not offer export for MIDI. Ardour 7.x will

Paul . . Deliver the MIDI export function with Ardour 7.0. That would be a great happy surprise. Many users would be happy about that.

Paul . . I’ll donate 10 euros if you integrate this MIDI export function into Ardour 7.0.