Stopping a MIDI record cuts off part of the end

I’m recording MIDI tracks. They are properly recorded, however, when I hit the stop button, the end of the region gets kind of dragged 3/4 of a measure to the left. So when playing it, it stops 3 quarters too early.
However, the data is properly recorded, all I have to do is to drag it again to its full recording.

I am on Ardour 8.6 official download, Fedora 40. Using ALSA for Ardour.

Can someone else observe something similar?

If there are tempo changes in the session, then this is likely a bug that I fixed this week.

Yes, indeed, there is one tempo change from 110 to 120 at bar 21 of 96.

Yeah, probably the bug I fixed last week. You can test it out via (which can be paralleled installed with any other version of Ardour that you have).