stop tracks going silent by using tested set of effects

Just looking at that link about bad TAP effects Peder, I’ve just had a track go silent, too.

For me, it was a C* effect that was the culprit on it (I forget which) and I had to delete it to get the track outputting again.

The effects available to Ardour are proliferate and very confusing. There’s all sorts of conflicting advice when you browse the web for info. I wonder if there could be a nice definitive list of good basic effects to use in Ardour. I guess I’m thinking EQ, Delay, Reverb and a few more. Just a basic set to start someone off with that are known not to be processor heavy and not to trip Ardour up in any way.

Pleasebeus, look up in the upper right corner of any page …

Thank you; yes, but … the list includes TAP Reverb which is part of a set that’s often mentioned on here as being out of date and prone to delivering problems.

Surprised to see the C* plugins causing trouble, they’re pretty recent (well a year and a half anyway).
I’d send Tim a mail and see if there’s something that can be done about it.

I will once I’ve managed to replicate the circumstances.

AFAIR It was the stereo chorus II or phaser II that did it; I had three C*'s on a track’s pre fader (I think a delay and plate after the chorus/phaser). The track would only come live again if I bypassed all three but it was the first effect that was the linchpin. I’d had the three running ok for half an hour or so and it was running a post master fader out EQ (C* EQ 2x2) that triggered the issue.

I thought it was my inexperience with Ardour that was causing the issue so didn’t bother recording the exact circumstances. I’ll be more vigilant in future.