Stonerrock-song and bass+drums-jam made with Ardour

Hi there!
I’d like to show you two of our most recent compositions that I’ve recorded, edited and tweaked entirely in Ardour.
The first one is the newest song from my band. We named ourselves “Kosmic Elephant” and it’s (supposed to be) some kind of stoner rock/metal:

and the second one is just a jam session with a good friend of mine and myself which turned out to be quite a cool song.

btw. I played drums on both recordings.
Hope you like it and let me know what you think!


thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

I just figured out that I posted the wrong jam… the second one (bass+drums) was intended to be this one:
(l like that one a lot more)

If you’re interested you can check out the other jams as well:
(this one contains my very first attempt in cutting and putting together seperate regions with effects :slight_smile: )
(a very long one (~10mins) but has a very beautiful part beginning at 5:40)

The first song is a bit too hazy for my taste - I don’t listen very much to this kind of music.

The second “song” is a surprise after listening to the first - you are a sophisticated, confident drummer - I like your playing a lot.