StompTuner v0.5 released

StompTuner, a Strobe Tuner in Stomp Box Format, release version 0.5

This Release fix a Sample Rate issue within the CLAP format, add the AU (Audio Unit) plugin format for macos, and introduce a new, reworked GUI.

StompTuner using the DISTRHO DPF Plugin Framework


Project Page (Source Code):

Release Page (Binary Packages):



Is that only a GUI or does the underlying DSP also makes use of the strobe principle for extra precision while using the fundamental freq (…and to be used with a wide variety of instruments, as well as suitable for stretch turning)?

PS. Edit

Answered my own question by reading the source: DSP uses FFT, and peak finder. So no actual strobe.

…and love this comment :slight_smile:

Yes, it use FFT and go for (sub)maxima.
The strobe is handled in the tuner widget, the Pitch Tracker send only the detected frequency.

Cent and Note was then calculated in the widget thread. The strobe itself is driven by collected cents/millicents.

I’ve done a couple of comparison with the X42 tuna tuner, and both tuners showing the same results. Both been mostly accurate, just, when it comes to down-tuned strings below B1, both been a bit of (about 3 - 10 cents). Seems as if even fundamental Frequency couldn’t handle that right.