Still no way to subscribe for me

In order to get A4 without any hassle I tried again to subscribe using paypal:

Sie müssen eine Kreditkarte hinzufügen, um den Einkauf abzuschließen. Für diese Zahlung ist momentan leider kein Lastschriftverfahren möglich.

Translates roughly to: you need to register a Credit Card to make that kind of payment.

I do not have a Credit card and I dont plan to get one, credit cards are not that common in Germany and as a freelancer without a constant monthly payment I would not get one. Please consider to avoid lecturing me about prepaid credit cards, even if those would qualify me to perform that operation with pay pal (I doubt that), I would not register for any credit card(give those creeps my adress, phone number etc) just for that purpose, I signed up for pay pal to be able to contribute some money to Ardour, to register a credit card would be another step I only do for this purpose.

So in short: please provide a way to subscribe or to pay in advance for a subscription without a need for any more bureaucracy.

We cannot work around PayPal’s policies. We don’t know why has this policy. does not.

If you have a suggestion for another service that (a) provides subscriptions (b) can operate without a credit card © works internationally (d) costs comparable to PayPal’s then I AM ALL EARS. I don’t believe that it exists.

Text has been changed.

Thanks again for the clarification.
My suggestion would be a opportunity to pay in advance for a subscription. That is: to pay an amount of money, that would cover a period of say: 6+ months of subscription in advance and thus get the benefits (and fame :wink: ) for that period of time too. Of course with the option to renew that “subscription” before the months one has paid for run out.

see the latest post/article here on

@zettberlin There are “pre-paid” credit cards in Germany where you can only use the money you put on it. I’m sure that there’s no problems with financial background check etc. . At least I would then wonder how I got one if it is the case. :wink: And they work with paypal.

I just wanted to mention that in case you did not know.

Some peoples have suggested bitcoins as a solution and that would probably solve this problem once and for all since there are no restrictions to use it for anyone.

Just my 2btc :wink:

Where does it say that? Can you provide a partial sentence?

ahellquist: bitcoins - still needs a subscription service, and still needs to be converted into a currency I can use to pay for the food I eat, the tuition for my kids’ college education, etc. etc. Cool technology, not a viable technology for living (yet).

Is there no possibility to transfer money to paypal with a bank transfer?
In some countries paypal allows this so you don’t need a credit card.
I don’t know about germany, but this was possible already years back in the netherlands, but not in belgium back then.

I’m indifferent to BTC support, but just FYI Coinbase offers a BTC subscription feature (and withdrawing to a bank account in USD is easy through them):

Zett, there must be a way without credit card. Else, try DKB (all time free Visa with its own bankaccount and prepaid option)

@paul, Sure bitcoin has some limitations but the subscription feature discussed above should make it possible for people having problems getting a paypal account or credit card.

If you could help those people subscribe using bitcoins, it would be possible and maybe quite easy to convert a bunch of bitcoins to USD or whatever old school currency you want to.

ahellquist: Unlike our other merchant tools, recurring payments require the customer to pay with a Coinbase wallet, since this is a layer we provide on top of the bitcoin protocol.. So goodbye bitcoin-using customers who don’t want to use Coinbase. Conceptually no different from PayPal I suppose, but its a small slice of an even smaller set of users/supporters.

Very well then, I just purchased A4 for 50$. Thanks a lot for adjusting the policy regarding subscriptions;-)

You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card. You will interact with PayPal by giving them an email address in addition to the usual credit card information. The email address is required because they like to send you a confirmation of the transaction (which often comes in handy). It does not establish a PayPal account.

That is the issue with Paypal sadly. While you see that, if I go through I see “Pay with credit now, create paypal account later” that I can follow through without creating a paypal account. The problem is Paypal doesn’t seem to be very consistent with what options they offer, and I have found little rhyme or reason to when you have that option vs not, and even then it is obvious they are doing everything they can to make sure you create an account with them.


Paypal’s terms differ from country to country, and from year to year. Citing them as a general rule is pointless, unfortunately.

I just found Ardour, but I’d like to toss my two cents into this discussion as I have an interest in paying in bitcoin as well.
There is a service known as BitPay, which handles the bitcoin side of things for you and places the processed funds, in one’s preferred currency, directly into one’s bank account.
Accepting bitcoin is extremely easy these days; one needn’t worry about the volatility of bitcoin as payments are processed by BitPay immediately and, while they do offer a more premium version of their service for a reasonable price, they do have a free option as well.

Hope you’re willing to look into this some time, as I’d love to pay to use your software. Oh, and while this is slightly off-topic, thank you for supporting Linux based systems. n_n