Still Me (All U Want) by Pierre Dechery


I have a new song made with Ardour. Drum parts were made with Hydrogen and there’s also MIDI for the Bass and the “Violin”.

This is the first time I wrote a song in English and I think there’s a certain Chris Cornell vibe going on. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment.

As always, I’ve find mixing the hardest part, because I’m always tired of working in each track, getting the sound to work as best as I can. So, when it comes to mixing, after two or three days working in the tracks, it’s hard to find energy and time.

(That’s just to say to you all to be aware that the mixing may not be perfect)


Great composition, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: One of the acoustic guitars is a bit out of tune, I would play that part again if possible, you can hear it clearly in a couple of places.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

All the same , one of the low strings seems out of tune, you may try to correct that. Otherwise the mix seems fine to my hears. Cheers

Hi guys, thanks for listening and commenting.

I think the “out of tune” problem’s not in the acoustic guitar but in the bass. There’s a Eb° chord in the song and I still couldn’t find the right note to fit it.

As soon as it’s fixed I’ll let you know. Thanks!