Stickers for ardour


Please look at:

I think about making stickers like this for ardour, basing on this manual: But my graphic talent is not so good.

If anybody can make template for self-printing with keys for ardour, please reply in this thread.

What we really need is a little script that will read your Ardour keybindings (be they the defaults or customized) and generate a quick-reference/overlay/set of stickers users can print out. I’ve thought about doing it but it’ll be a while before I have time. Any takers?

I would like a different kind of sticker for my PC. I would like a “Powered By Ardour” sticker like they have those Powered By Linux stickers. A nice little sticker with the Ardour logo.

This sounds like a good idea.

I will make a default ardour keyboard sticker set for myself, and when done I’ll share the artwork in this thread.
Give me a few weeks.

When you have the image you can have it printed on self-adhesive vinyl by a local print-shop

Thanks qharley!

By the way… I do not have an ardour.bindings in my ~/.ardour2 folder?

Where could it be?



Maybe better idea is that keyboard:


right on! let me know when you’re done, or if you need any help!

I’d love some Ardour logo stickers. Is there a company like cdbaby, but for stickers? would probably be able to do it for pretty cheap. We did all our band stickers through them and they did a reasonably good job for a decent price.

I’d definitely rock the “Powered By Ardour” sticker on my XServe :slight_smile:

I’d put them on everything I own. :slight_smile:

I am interested in those stickers.
are there news about them ?

It would be cool to have icons with the stickers,something like those :

What about using icons from tango ? (
if someone want to do part of the work, i’ll join with no hesitation :slight_smile:

Hey everybody

I recently discovered the shortcut list for ardour on this site, which is for the default keyboard set up I think. These 2 sites improved my workflow very much, so I think these stickers would be just perfect for speeding up your whole workflow.

Are there any volunteers for making those??
I dont have any skills in programing or graphical editing, so sry.

I think a script, that would read out you keybindings (like “seanbutnotheard” said) would be the best idea. So everybody could make his own stickers and get them printed.

Let me hear if there are any news.

I could probably write a script that does that, I’ve been looking for a way to contribute something to the community for a while. I’ll get back to you if I manage to pull anything together. The only thing is I dunno about the dimensions of different keys on different keyboards and how to go about it, ie. one jpg per key?