Stick with WRITE mode?

I have a longer recording and want to mix part by part. I therefore start modfying the faders in the first part using the WRITE mode. I do more correction on that part of the recording, then move the next part.

Here comes the inconvenience: I want to continue with WRITE mode in the next part, but the mode has jumped back to TOUCH mode for all tracks! It seems i need to switch all tracks to WRITE mode one by one! Om done. Then I work on that part, pause the playback - oh no! The mode has changed back to TOUCH mode…

It seems for how i work on the recoding a permanent WRITE mode would be ideal. Or at least a button to set all tracks to WRITE mode would be convenient. In anyway the automated switch back to TOUCH mode does not to make a lot of sense to me. Can i switch it off?

Hope i get some hints!

Is there a reason TOUCH doesn’t work for you? It seems based off your description it should do what you need perfectly.

It actually used to work like you describe, but it was FAR to easy to overwrite automation you didn’t want to overwrite which I suspect is why it was changed.


Thanks for your answer.
The reason why in most cases touch does not do what i would like it to do is, that i want to change a longer stretch of my recording. With TOUCH i would need to keep holding the slider up as long as i want the change and it would snap back as soon as i release it - whereas i would like to change it from here to the end of the range. I really wonder why there is not even a way to overwrite the automated switch back from WRITE to TOUCH in the preferences. In order not to overwrite by coincidence it would probably help if i could only allow changes within a selection (or range).
On the other side it might just be that my mixing strategy is just not optimized yet - i am pretty knew to the field. I wonder whether there are some mixing guidelines out there that would highlight successful strategies that would work with what Ardour offers. What i started to do with the shortcomings mentioned above is to work in edit mode on the automation lanes directy (which can be tedious).


While I can’t help you much with your particular workflow, what i can tell you is that I will generally do a first pass in WRITE mode the entire way through, come back and touch up sections as needed, but then use TOUCH mode the rest of the way for edits, or use the draw tool and range tool as needed.


Sounds like you’d be better off editing the automation with the mouse than with the fader. At least as a first or second pass. Then switch to fader in touch mode for fine tuning.