steve harris multiband eq funtime

hello fellow ardourians.
Im having the problem with steve harris’ses’s eq. if I open it ,my ardour crashes.
don’t know if that’s from my computer or from the eq. any one else?
also when I use my right mouse button option I have to move the mouse away and back again over the options to be able to use it. It’s not hell for me but would be nice to get rid of :). again anyone else experiencing that , yes?, no?

sending all you linux users good vibes, wish I could be a part of the developement more, almost thinking about stopping this mac bullshizzney and just linux it away.

cheers from icelardourland

@stinni: if you’re doing this on OS X, its a known bug in the plugin. there’s no way to fix it without altering the code and rebuilding the plugin. I’m going to delete your duplicate post.

@paul: ahhh damn , ok thank you Paul. Well there are other great EQ’s there and I think I found one for my taste.