Steve Harris Matrix MS to Stereo plugin

I’d like to try MS recording. I thought that the SWH Matrix MS to Stereo plugin would do the decoding.

I take it that the general process might look like this:

1 Create 2 mono tracks. - one for mid, one for side.

2 Insert the MS to Stereo plugin on the input of the master bus (or create a separate bus for this purpose).

3 Voila! stereo.

However, I have no idea how the inputs work on the plugin. Assuming that the plugin has two inputs, would I need to pan the input tracks left and right? And if so, should mid be panned left or right (and vice versa for side).

I had a look at the plugin docs and the source code, and am none the wiser. Can anybody help?

Thanks! Paul H

Sorry no I can’t help you to much there, I tend to do my M/S decoding by hand. It can be fairly simple, especially when you get into duplicating playlists so that all your edits remain sync’d scross two tracks.


From a quick look at the source-code, input 1 is mid and input 2 is side.

I shouldn’t bother panning your inputs, though; simply delete all but one of the output channels from each of your input tracks (which will make the panner disappear). Then you can route the remaining inputs to the bus with the plugin on it.

I think I might have a crack at writing a decoder myself using the Faust DSP compiler. The algorithm for MS to Stereo is simple enough even for me to follow, and Faust will help create a simple jack app with a nice QT user interface.


Cheers Matt. I’ll have a another look.