Stereo to Mono question - couldn't find in manual

Hey everyone! I’m new to Ardour/DAWs (studio cat - but I’ve been watching engineers over their shoulders for many years). I’m working on a remotely-recorded big band mix and somehow imported everyone’s tracks as stereo. What’s the best/cleanest way to convert these to mono tracks so I can edit, pan, etc and not take up my whole editor screen with duplicates? I’m trying to avoid bouncing stems and starting a new session as I’ve already done a fair bit of editing/setting up inserts. Thanks!


From the manual :
Edit -> Make Mono Regions. Does that what you want ?

My memory is that that will make a mono region, but not insert it into the track(So it will exist in the sidebar Region List only by default). Sadly it sounds like really what is desired here is just a visual thing more than anything as you can adjust pan etc. whether the track is mono or stereo honestly. I don’t think such a visual only function exists though, my suggestion would be to just keep moving forward and worry about it on your next session though.


Are the original tracks actually stereo, or are they mono? If they are actually mono, can’t you just delete all the duplicate tracks?
From the picture it looks like the two parts are not identical, implying that the original tracks really were true stereo, not just duplicated mono, in which case you do not want to convert to mono, you will lose the original stereo imaging and depending on the microphone configuration used for recording could have phase cancellation that changes the sound in undesirable ways (primarily comb filtering).
You should check with the location recording technician and find out how the sections were recorded to be sure, but just based on the graphical view I would hesitate to collapse to mono.

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I always converted to stereo => mono with audacity. Nice to see this is included in Ardour.

Unfortunately, the menu entry seems to have no effect.

I selected one stereo region, clicked menu Region / Edit / Make Mono Regions but it seems to do nothing. No UI feedback, nothing shows up in the Shift+LEditor List (I checked Tab “Sources” and “Regions”) - nor the selected region becomes mono then.

Is this maybe broken in Ardour 6.0.0?
Shall I raise a bug report - or am I using it wrong?

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Same question here… it seems not working.

Yeah I get the same, no response or output or anything. Seems it’s broken.

Anyone filed a bug report for this yet?

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Just created one:

It was already fixed in git before you wrote this message :slight_smile:

It should work again in a build (and 6.1 once that’s released).


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