Stereo matrix style plugin

I was wondering if Ardour had anything similar to the following built into it OR if anyone knew of any plugins that could achieve this?
I guess the easiet way to describe this is to show pictures / examples

Link 1

Link 2

These are two plugins offered in other DAWs that achieve what I am looking for.
The second links plugin is more impressive because it offers the ability to be able to route the left & right channels in the mixer based on the mixer channels number.

Does anyone know if Ardour can achieve this OR if there is a Lua based plugin that would allow for the same linking to mixer channels within the plugin.

Thank You to anyone who reads this and for any information provided.

Well there is the panner that is built into mixer strips. A stereo strip you can adjust the position and width on, so while the interface would look different you can accomplish most of what this seems to be doing. And of course there are the x42 balance and stereo routing plugins as well off the top of my head.

Now I don’t know of any of those that would do it based off the channel number though, not 100% I see the usefulness of this.


If it’s for mid side decoding i have made a lv2 plugins:

For this type of operation, it is possible to do it directly with the mixer, therefore without plugins, using phase inversion.

The Stereo Tool by Flux is excellent and free - if on Windows or using Wine.

Thank you all for the responses
I have never used the plugin before, but as mentioned just seems like it can do many stereo based actions with a very simple interface.
stereo enhancement
midside processing split
left/right processing split
invert left/right

You mentioned there are parameters if you add a stereo strip, do you mean add an audio track and change it to stereo? I also tried creating a audio bus track (stereo). I apologize I don’t see the parameters to change the position / width that you mentioned, or does the panner become this.
if you can can you explain a little bit, thank you.
Do you know if there are parameters to send the right channel into the left and vice versa or does this have to be done through some kind of routing.
Yeah I saw the x42 plugin that looks like it includes a good amount of parameters as well.

Ah thank you for mentioning I will check this out.
Also just in general thank you for creating plugins and making them available to others.

Thank you, yes, I am aware of this plugin, the older version used to be available but then I think they made it part of a service. If possible I would like to keep plugins in Linux, again if possible.

I know it has been mentioned that certain Calf plugins have issues (I plan on making a post about this in the future) but I have seen some people using this one and don’t recall anyone mentioning that the two they offer have any issues, not sure if any users are aware of any issues with them?

I also saw that the maker EQ10Q has two “matrix” plugins that might be similar, they contain 4 knobs instead of sliders. I have not tried them, I downloaded some offered in repo but when I went to try them, they unfortunately were not included, so I still have to try them.

I honestly don’t have a ton of experience with stereo plugins, many often say to be careful when using them. I just want a plugin that contains as many stereo parameters all in one because it might be more confusing having multiple ones. I also don’t mind the idea of just being able to do this with the mixer channels themself, if it is possible.

Anyways, thank you everyone again, if anyone else has any information to share please let me know

Probably best to just link to this to answer:

Far more detailed than my reply would be:)


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