Stereo Field Visualisation

I was working on coursework at college today, using ProTools (We don’t get a choice sadly) and I got thinking. With so many tracks (about 30) it’s hard to keep track of where everything is within the stereo field. Just thought it would be awesome if we could have some sort of visualisation of where everything it. Possibly just a line with tags on it where everything is, but it would do the job. Has something like this already been implemented or?

Good idea, fill a feature request in the issue tracker!


Eyes are the new ears!

I once saw a VST that attempted to display different tracks based on their stereo placement and frequency / level in a kind of three dimensional arrangement with tags or markers for different instruments - not like an FFT, but more of a ‘panoramic display’ - being a VST and therefore trying to split everything out from the final mix it used some quite complex processing and didn’t always do it reliably but it was an interesting idea and it looked good (can’t remember who made it) but if this was implemented in the DAW (where there is proper access to the real parameter values and tracks etc) it might be an interesting concept.

@linuxdsp: I’ve also seen that system. They have patents on several aspects of it, alas.

That plugin is from David Gibson and it is called “Virtual Mixer”, I’m just reading his book “Art Of Mixing” and the final chapter is about this plugin. I think both the idea of such a plugin and the book itself are amazing.

Edit. so bad they put so many patents on it.