Stereo confusion. Stereo output from expansion board ?

Just installed a hdsp soundcard with aeb-4 analog inputs and outputs in my computer(Ubuntu studio)
If I connect the two first analog outputs from the aeb out to the input of my preamp. Will I then get a stereo signal out from my preamp ?. Guess Im a bit confused about the signal routing.
The panning between left and right channel in ARDOUR doesnt work either.

Thanks for any responce helping me overcome my challenges!

I’m not sure what your exact issues are, but you might get some help from the manual. Here’s a link to the section that discusses routing:

This section covers panning:

If those don’t help you, rephrase your questions.

One problem I see in your question is that you say you’ve connected OUTPUTS on your soundcard to an INPUT on your preamp. Unless something is connected to one or more INPUTS on your soundcard, you won’t be getting any sound into your computer. Perhaps is just a terminology issue, but it’s important to be as precise as you can be when asking for technical help.

Regarding the preamp, what is the brand and model?


Thanks for the responce. My stereo problem went away when I changed the samplerate to 48khz. Thats strange… when samplerate is set to above 48khz one of the outputchannels are muted. The playback channels are showing activity tho. Guess its allright to use the 48khz samplerate anyway…