STEPS(dubbing) - Sahaathyva

Hello fellow ardourists !

Here is my first track entirely made using Ardour 6.
This time it is a kind of hybrid beetween a slow techno and a “bass intensive” kind of dub.

As usal, it is pure midi recorded, what is new is that i did not used any sample for this one, the drums are now made by synths.

I used Geonkick for the drums with tweaked presets from Unfa
the pad is made with ZynAddSubFX
the “FX synth” is made with Obxd
the bass is made with TAL Noisemak3r
all other synths are HELM

As fxs you will find Stonphaser and mainly TAL DUB3 (Thanks to Speak for the advice to try this one) and TAL Verb2, all tracks are EQed with EQ10Q and dynamic plugins used are from the LSP suite.

I hope you will enjoy listening, and as usual i would love to get your reactions/technical comments/advices.

Thanks, have fun!



Another great one! I love the techno kick and how it meshes with that deep dub bass, also great use of Reverbs and delays! Keep them coming Dubmaster!!

This is not my genre, but I must say I really liked this song :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

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Well done. nice bottom end and it doesn’t get in the way
Catchy tune.

Thank you all !

@GMaq , sorry to say that but i m far far far far away from a “master” level :smiley: