Step Entry - what are the note duration hotkeys? (v4.4)

New here - I think the MIDI step editor (right click record button on midi track) is great for putting notes exactly where one wants them, but I can’t seem to find the keyboard shortcuts for changing the duration of the note while I’m entering them. I’ve tried looking on google, in the documentation, the hotkeys dialog in Ardour (using 4.4 btw)

The dynamics hotkeys seem to be the row at the bottom of the keyboard, and the period seems to change duration to a dotted note, but I can’t increase or decrease from a quarter note to half, down to eight, 16th, etc…

Maybe these could be in the documentation as well, but if anyone knows what the hotkeys are, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks a lot, this is an awesome program!

Sorry that they are not documented elsewhere (except in the Logic manual :slight_smile:

Thanks! Works perfect, it would be nice to see this in the docs, but no hurry :slight_smile:


Feel free to write the docs if you want:)