Step-entry shortcuts

when reading documentation:
-it says that chord toggle shortcut is ‘bar (?)’
which shortcut is this?

i’m trying to utilize keyboard 100% for midi entry (as one would do with trackers like renoise). This is the reason why i’m evaluating midi step-entry setup in ardour/mixbus :slight_smile:


“bar” is the “pipe symbol”: |

The name comes from the GUI toolkit we use (GTK) … that’s what they call it.

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seems like not working for me…
well, never heard of it called a ‘bar’, but that’s fine. pipe is combination of shift+\ It does nothing here… can you check please?

is there a possibility to enable shift (or other?) modifier for this action?
press A,S,D notes get placed accordingly in sequence (by already selected measure)
hold shift while pressing A,S,D and you got chord (by already selected mesaure)

The shortcuts are all modifiable in Window > Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a mistake in the bindings. It should bind “Shift-bar” since there’s no other way on most keyboards to generate “bar” (that is, when the “bar” key is pressed, the Shift modifier will be held down.

You can fix this in the window mentioned above. I’ve fixed it in the source code/bindings files for the next version.

It is not possible to use a modifier for this.

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