"Stems" format

Potentially interesting:

“Stems allows DJs and live performers to interact with different musical elements of a track independently by accessing four different “stem” parts such as bass, drums, melody, or vocals.”

I immediately thought of the radio baton.

I just hope it isn’t used to further detract from the non-money musicians make these days.

just hope it isn't used to further detract from the non-money musicians make these days.
Or, you could see it as another marketing opportunity, another way to license / sell or add value to the content you create? I don't deny that its more difficult than ever to make money from music these days (people want content for nothing - and to a large extent that includes software too - and as an independent software developer I know that only too well. Even to the point where to some it's considered so morally questionable to dare to charge money for your work, that it's actually used as a "justification" for the morally "superior" action of stealing the same work.. How we got to that reasoning I will never understand..) Seems to me like its good opportunity for musicians to add value to their work, and at least (or perhaps most importantly) its an open standard.

If it becomes popular, I could see Stems as a convenient import/export format. It sounds like a good compromise between AAF/OMF and raw wave files. It’s better than raw wave files because you have confidence that your track list is complete and in-order. It’s better than AAF/OMF because it is much simpler to implement; and it doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive (and then fail miserably).