Stem export, import into new session , name of track not editable

as i described in my former (unnoted) message
i created a new session from another one via export/import wav-files into new session.
Being in the editor i can rename the track, but not the the “waveform-track” which
now has a not beautiful name (as the wave-file had a temporary name).

Can i rename this too ?

Best regards

Do you mean renaming the region that contains the audio waveform? If so, if you right click on the region you should see a context menu pop up. The first entry should show the current name of your wave. If you hover over that name you should see another sub-menu pop up that offers an option to Rename. This method seems to work in the following mouse modes: Grab, Audition, Stretch and Draw. It does not appear to work if you are in the Range, Cut, or Internal Edit mouse modes, because the option is grayed out.

Hope that helps!

~ This is an updated version of my original post

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Thank you, your posting was and is very helpful !!!

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