Stem export dialog UX with lots of ranges

I feel I’ve asked this before but I can’t find the topic, so maybe I dreamt it, or it was on IRC…

Anyway, I need to export 1000s of ranges for my sampling project. However I don’t need to export all at once, in my current project it’s two instruments with different mic setups so I need to export about 500 at a time.

Currently I have to select the ranges one at a time in the export dialog. This is really unpleasant, I can speed up the process a lot by using my keyboard to do the one at a time selection, but it’s still really slow.

Peek 2024-01-02 15-48

Is there a way to make the selection via a lua script or editing a text file?

Ideally I’d like it if I could just hold shift and click to select a group of regions to export, then hold ctrl and click to start the selection of a second/third/fourth/etc. Similar to what’s possible in most file browsers.


I guess we should add a “select all” option.

There is no easy solution, but you could try the following:

Export just one region, then save the session. This will create <StemExportProfile> in the .ardour session file which includes a list of active ranges under <ExportTimespan>. Now you can fill in all the 1000 Ranges, which is still a hassle since you have to refer to them by ID.


      <ExportTimespan format="Timecode">
        <Range id="565" realtime="0"/>
        <Range id="573" realtime="0"/>

There is a select all option already :slight_smile: I don’t want to select all, I want to select one or more subsets.

@x42 I notice this kind of multi-selection is already possible in the import window, does the stem export widget not have the same kind of functionality available?

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