Status on the Windows port?

No news for a while on this and have been wondering if the Windows port for Ardour is still in the pipeline?

Still in the background yes, no active work on it lately that I know of.


Thanks for feedback Seablade. An Ardour Windows port will be pretty huge. Like thousands of new subscribers imo.

Francois: porting is not and has never been the issue. Support is the issue.

If you really want to run Ardour on Windows, why not get Mixbus?
It’s apparently Ardour + some high quality DSP for a reasonable price and runs on Windows or Linux.
What have I missed?

That is an option, though as far as i know Mixbus is still based on Ardour 2. No midi. Correct me if i’m wrong.
Also Misbus is not donation based. I am not a freetard, but this is two different projects with different ideals.

You are correct in that Mixbus is currently based on A2, so correct no MIDI. However while Mixbus is a commercial product, they also feed back any improvements etc. back to Ardour as well as appropriate, along with providing some form of financial support as well.


Francois: Mixbus is not a different project with a different ideal. It is a different project. It still shares the same goal as Ardour, albeit with a different funding model (and one that helps support my full time work on Ardour itself), and proprietary DSP. Supporting/using Mixbus implies a level of support for Ardour as well.

That is good to hear Paul. Thanks all for responding. says it all.

…and tells some more :slight_smile:
Yet providing proper support for windows is still the main blocker.

Happy to help with support on Windows when I can.