Status of the OS X "native" release

Ardour 2.2 OS X native is ready for testing ...

For several months now, work has been progressing on a "native" version of Ardour for OS X, one that does not require Apple's X11 to be installed. This has reached the point where it is ready to be used by more people - we now have very nice integration with standard OS X application conventions (top menu bar, drag-and-drop, and more), and there is support for AudioUnits.

But ...

However, because of the very different nature of the Linux and OS X communities, we have decided to not do a general release of the OS X native version at this time. Every month, there are many thousands of downloads of the OS X X11 version (we'd tell you how many, but it might make Digidesign and Apple jealous). The native version is frankly not ready for that kind of attention right now - we have a lot of ongoing development effort, and polishing all the details of the native version is just one of the many things going on. Moreoever, our experience with the OS X community to date, and that of many other open source projects, is that it is much less communicative than the Linux community - when things break, people don't get in touch - and in addition there is less programming experience there which makes debugging problems that much harder.

Visit the IRC channel ...

As a result, the OS X version will be made available via our IRC channel, #ardour on (point your web browser at for a simple way to access our IRC channel). This increases the chances that if there are issues with it, people will notify us promptly and work with us to fix them. We can't stop news of the download URL from spreading, but please try to respect our decision to have a "controlled" release of this version so that we can get things truly ready for a fully public announcement.

Important Information for native OS X users

There is information here for people using the OS X native version for the first time. PLEASE READ THIS first rather than just jumping in. Remember, we have not released this native version previously, and although its been tested by a number of people, its a new configuration for us to deal with and we need you to be prepared in case we don't have all the issues dealt with just yet.

great work - many thanks to all great programmers :slight_smile: but is this right ? when I download the native version I get a Intel version ? is this working on my G5 ?

when is the ppc version coming?