stationary playhead no longer?

Just started running 3.1.10-dbg after having returned to A2 because of the 3.x beta releases’ inability to provide a scrolling timeline with a stationary playhead.

I’ve CTRL-F’d, selected Folllow Playhead from the menu and switched zoom focus to Playhead.

Since there is no “stationary playhead” menu selection, as in A2, I assume I’m missing something because, certainly, this can’t have been a removed feature.

I’m running Ardour-3.1.10-dbg on an i5 Sandybridge machine. Could this be an issue with direct rendering?

While I don’t know for certain the answer to your question, it may have been removed certainly as it was a bit buggy to say the least in A2. Not to say it wouldn’t reappear if that is actually what happened, but that it would need some work to make good.


Thanks for the response. Now I’m trying to remember back as to whether some of the crashes weren’t possibly usage of the stationary playhead. In any case, I hope it comes back someday…

@jrigg: either myself or seablade generally nuke them, we don’t need notifications unless we miss someone for a while. Thanks for asking.


On that note you can always drop me an email or leave me a message in IRC (EMail is probably more reliable, IRC I will see when I get back to my work machine). Like Paul though, I get to it when I see it. I do tend to check a couple times a day and often at oddball hours for me (EST) but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss any either.


Thanks guys. I should probably explain for the benefit of other readers that the post which inspired my question has now been removed :slight_smile:

Is there any way to report OT posts from idiots and speed up removal of both idiots and posts?

as for the “follow playhead” option are there some news? The option is still selectable in Ardour 3.2. in the transport menu but has no effect. I’m missing that feature a lot.