Starup script a2jmidid

I have a quick question. On this page in the manual, it says that one can create a script that calles Jack:

But how do I make a script, that calles Jack? Is there something that can be made that will start up automatically when Ardour is started, so that a2jmidid will be started as well, without me having to start it from the terminal?


I always start ardour after starting jack through qjackctl, so maybe this isn’t your solution, but in qjackctl you can add a2jmidid to the startup/kill events in qjackctl settings. Here’s a thread that I found helpful.

I Found this, after some searching:
So I added /usr/bin/a2jmidid -e & as a startup script in Jack (QjackCtl Setup > Options > Execute script after Startup…), but that doesn’t work.
What am I doing wrong?

Are you sure you need to include the full path? I’ve used it simply as a2jmidid -e & . I’d also recommend adding killall a2jmidid to the pre-shutdown scripts.

Indeed, using the full path suggested in the wiki will not work if a2jmidid isn’t in /usr/bin. If you need to specify the full path for some reason (a2jmidid not in the default $PATH, for example) then this command will give you the correct full path:

which a2jmidid

You should verify that you can launch a2jmidid directly, before attempting to include it in your JACK script.

What happens if you launch a2jmidid from a shell?

…or not… ‘which’ won’t work either, if a2jmidid isn’t in the default $PATH.

My bad.

So, if it is somewhere in $PATH, then ‘which’ will find it.

If it’s in a strange location where ‘which’ can’t find it, then this might work:

find / -type f -executable -name a2jmidid

Probably info overload, but I felt obligated to correct my error. Sorry.

@dennismtaylor: I found a2jmidid is located in /usr/bin/ but adding either a2jmidid or /usr/bin/a2jmidid to jack (as a script after startup) simply isn’t working. I can start a2jmidid from the terminal, but not from jack (with: a2jmidid -e &)

Have you checked the checkbox in front of the edit-control?