Startup projects which contain ardour

I would like to use ardour to create music together with other tools like renoise and qsynth. I’m just getting started on all this and I’m already quite familiar with linux.
Now my question is how can I get a simple possibility to restore a stored project that I was working on?
I thought that a simple possibility would be to write a bash startup-script for each project containing the programs and the corresponding project-file as the argument.
The question here would in what sequence to startup the programs (ie qjackctl, ardour,rosegarden,…).
And then (I suppose after having started up all the programs) how do I restore the jack-connections? Is there some console command for this?

I looked around the net in order to maybe find some example scripts or something, but to no avail? So is this even possible (I suppose yes) and if so what would be the best way? And could someone maybe point me in the right direction by either giving me a link or even posting his on startup script as an example?
I would greatly appreciate it.

To have something like total recall is one of the holy grails of Linux Audio today. The LASH-project attempts to make it happen but with not much success as of now. The task is somewhat more complex than it appeares at first glance. Thus LASH is working but it needs to be supported by all apps involved and only a minority does. It also does not work stable enough for production needs.

So your idea to use static scripts to start up complex sessions is indeed the only way to go as of now. I made up some scripts like this, that start complex scenarios but to be perfectly honest: I use them seldom because they limit the flexibility too much.

As you can see, you need to have all pieces in place to use them and if you change a patch for a synth or a projectfile for muse or ardour you need to store it under the same name and location in order to avoid malfunction of the script next time you use it. Very clumsy…

The order in wich you need to start the apps is: used first, then users. Such as:

You have a session, that uses Jamin to master a mix from Ardour then you have to start Jamin first for it is used by Ardour and Ardour would complain, if Jamin would not be up as it starts a project, that uses Jaminports. If you want to record from qsynth being triggered by Renoise in Ardour, Renoise needs to be up before Qsynth and Ardour has to load its project after Qsynth is up.

As long as you use the same patches and only the 3 apps you mention above, such a script can be quite helpfull. But I use to use about 10-12 different standalone apps together with ardour on a regular basis so I stopped to use scripts and open the needed stuff when needed by hand. I get used to it and havnt got any troble with that though it is not as comfortable as a magic total recall app could make it…

Ok. So I had already heard of the LASH thing. It’s really a shame that that is only progressing so slowly, but I am still wondering what exactly the problem is in having a per project start-up script that you would go along manipulating as needed.
When you speak of little flexibility and say “if you change a patch for a synth or a projectfile for muse or ardour”, by change a patch do you mean change its position on the harddisk or actually a setting of the patch inside ardour (for example)?
That then should (I would think) also recall all the include session apps and plugins, IF of course you know the right sequence in which to startup the software and plugins.
My question would be a little more basic then. How would I recall the connections Jack between the different sockets? I mean the is the possibility to startup Jack with qjackctl with the corresponding xml file for patchbay. Would that do or am I missing something even more basic…
Anyway thank you for the helpful links to your start-up scripts.
Maybe as a final note I should add that I haven’t done audio production in a long time (I still have a lot of the stuff lying around) and would like to get started on that again. Of course before I was on windows, but that time has long passed and I would like to give linux a shot, 'cause from the progs I’ve seen it does look promising.
Ok. So thanks again for the quick response,

Hello Michael,

If you really use to work on a dayly basis with Renoise, Qsynth and Ardour only you could use a script like this:

1.) make sure jackd is running
2.) start Qsynth with the patch you want to use
3.) start Renoise with the projectfile you like
4.) start Ardour with the projectfile, that records from Qsynth. Ardour also handles the jack-connections

That is easy one click operation…

But now let us beseech the mighty whatif-machine:

a.) what if you want to make up a new song?

you need to have another script that starts Renoise and Ardour with template-projects and if your song is born you will want to store it under a distinct name so you have to clone the new-song script, alter it and store it under a distinct name also.
Piece of cake - but takes some effort…

b.) what if you want to change the patch Qsynth is playing while you build up the song?

You need to insert the new name for the patch in the script - everytime, you make such change…

c.) Qsynth does not sound to your satisfaction - you try Specimen, ZynaddsubFX etc - you need to write their names to the script too and not only their names but also their start up commands in the correct sequence.

d.) Now you want to play a guitar to your soundcard amped by a virtual amp like ams-guitrack or rackarakk. You now have to write not only the startup command of the ampsoft but also its connection to system in to have your guitar amplified correctly. If you want to use Hydrogen for a drumaccompainment you also have to involve this one etc etc etc etc etc…

So I guess to ease simple routines like start a particular song in basic mode a script can be helpfull - all the powers of jackd cannot be handeled comfortably by a method as static as a script.

Mind that Ardour lessens the burdon a lot by storing the jack-connections in its project file - I do not work with qjackctl’s patchbay-files to deal with connections but the more your session goes away from ardour (such as composing with half a dozen synths with FX between them) the more this method can be a relieve too…