Startup and red, blinking error led

When starting Ardour6, I always have the red, blinking error led (top right of the window). When I open the Log window, there are two incidents reported in red:

  • [ERROR]: XML error: failed to load external entity “/home/jv/.config/ardour6/templates/g/g.template”
    Ardour6 apparently created this folder for me, but there is no g.template in it.
    It only contains a folder ardour5 with my old ardour5 templates.

  • [ERROR]: Ignored format ‘/usr/share/ardour6/export/MP3 (extreme).format’: encoder is not available
    (Also (medium) and (standard)).
    Not sure about this one. It seems to point at ffmpeg for conversion, but this program is installed and available.

I can ignore these but this slightly defeats the purpose of the red, blinking error led.

The 2nd is likely a packaging error of your distribution, not setting up ardour’s video-tools and encoders correctly:

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Right… That one was easy to fix. Thanks.

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