starting x11?

I down loaded and install Jack pilot on OSX tiger, but ardour still complains that x11 isn’t installed. When I tryed to downloaded it the installer said that a newer version was already on my system; which makes sense, because I already tryed to install it using my system disc. Have others had this problem? Searching around my hard drive I can’t find any to start? Have I installed x11 incorrectly or is there some app that I can’t find?

I presume you’re using 10.4? In that case, should be installed in /Applications/Utilities/.

Try launching that first.

Hi adourist,

Yes I am using OSX 10.4.6, but could not find X11. Apparantly isn’t part of the default install when you install xcode.
After googling the subject I found a version that works with my system, and got ardour to work:

P.S. ok now time to try and learn how to use ardour.